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Our Story

Our Story

Accent founder Reuven Rahamim was born in Israel near the Gaza Strip.  At age of 23, Rahamim had already fought in the Yom Kippur War. He decided to move to America, so he could attend the Dunwoody College of Technology.

Rahamim began working as a machine operator for Aroplax Corporation, which at the time operated Accent’s current building in Minneapolis.  As his interest in signage grew, Rahamim purchased an engraving machine and started his own sign engraving business in his basement. Aroplax allowed Rahamim to rent out a small room in their building where he could set up shop. As a result, Rahamim established Accent Signage Systems, Inc. in 1984 and Accent still resides in that same building today!

Since 1986, Accent Signage Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing quality interior signage products. With an initial focus on ADA-compliant interior signage, Accent engineered the Raster® Method of Braille technology. Consequently this technology positioned Accent as a front-runner in the industry. Most notably providing exceptional products with technical knowledge in addition to expertise. Accent holds several patents, with over 3,000 licensees in 38 countries that distinguishes itself among competitors.

From interior signage to architectural panels, Accent’s use of economically-friendly materials proves adapting to the ever-changing business landscape, Accent has securely placed itself as a leader in the interior finishes industry.

our story

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