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LED Lockers

Accent has been working with LED Lighting for Signage and Displays since 2010. Watch this one minute video to find out how we can light up your next project.

R F Moeller Jeweler

From ADA interior signage to LED lighting, Accent’s Capabilities are endless. Accent will meet your requirements with exceptional customer service and high quality products. Check out this video and see what Accent can do for your next project!


As the demand for tactile and Braille signage continues to rise, there has never been a better time for fabricators to join the tactile signage market! Listen in as Rowmark’s Fabrication Shop Supervisor Bobbi Payne and Accent Signage’s Marketing Manager Christie Cutter provide pros and cons for different processes of making tactile signage. This a Part 2 of a special 2-part series.

Accent & Rowmark Tactile Signs Vodcast – Part 1

As the demand for tactile and Braille signage continues to rise, there has never been a better time for fabricators to join the tactile signage market! Here is helpful information on tactile signage trends and processes.

Vision Engraver and Raster® Braille

In this video, we demonstrate setting up Accent Signage’s Automatic Raster® Braille Pen and Cutters on a Vision Engraving Machine.

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Our Story

Accent Founder Reuven Rahamim was born in Israel near the Gaza Strip and later fought in the Yom Kippur War.  At age 23, Rahamim moved to America and attended Dunwoody College of Technology. Rahamim started working as a machine operator for Aroplax Corporation, which owned and operated in the current Accent building on Chestnut Avenue.  As his interest in signage grew, Rahamim purchased an engraving machine and started his own small sign engraving business out of his basement.  As production time and needs grew, Aroplax allowed Rahamim to rent out a cooler space, a small room in their building where he could set up shop.  Rahamim established Accent Signage Systems, Inc. in 1984 and Accent resides in that same building on Chestnut Avenue today.

Since 1986, Accent Signage Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing quality interior signage products. With an initial focus on ADA-compliant interior signage, Accent engineered the Raster® Method of Braille technology, for which they hold several patents, with over 3,000 licensees in 38 countries.  This technology positioned Accent as a leader in the industry by providing exceptional products with technical knowledge and expertise to distinguish itself among competitors.  Accent Signage Systems’ founder, Reuven Rahamim, got his start in the interior sign industry in 1984 and is recognized as a leader in all aspects of interior signage and ADA compliance.

As successful as this award-winning technology was (and still is), Accent wanted to expand the company’s business model beyond the Raster® product line.  Defined by innovation, Accent began research and development for new products, processes and technological advances.

In 2006 Accent began developing the Materia™ Ecology Series signage line — the first and only GREENGUARD certified interior sign system in the United States.  Accent’s signage is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard using cashew extract and tapioca as a binder.  The products are biodegradable, edible and emit absolutely no volatile organic compounds [VOCs].

Most recently, Accent developed the Luče™ Edgelit LED Panel System, the brightest and most even LED paneling system available in the market. A Luče™ display panel at 48”x 48” x 5/8” uses only 63 watts compared to the 48”x 48” x 3” display panels which use florescent lights containing mercury and consume 240 watts.

From signage to architectural panels, Accent’s use of economically-friendly materials proves that green design can have a high-end look and feel without compromising sustainable or economical value.  Adapting to the ever changing business landscape, Accent has securely placed itself as a leader in the interior finishes industry.

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