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Raster® Troubleshooting FAQ

Raster® Troubleshooting FAQ In this video Accent Signage Systems, Inc. provides Raster® Troubleshooting solutions to our customer’s most common issues with their Raster® Braille products. If you are running into issues with your Raster® products or installation, check out the list of questions and topics covered below to see if we can help! How deep […]

Adhesive Assist Tutorial

Adhesive Assist Tutorial Trying to install metal Raster® Spheres into a metal or solid substrate? This Adhesive Assist Tutorial is for you! Substrate materials such as metal, aluminum, and other non-expandable materials do not possess a “memory” like a plastic substrate would. However, with Accent Signage’s Adhesive Assist method, we can ensure your Raster® Spheres always stay […]

Raster® Braille Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions In this video Accent Signage Systems, Inc. covers all of our customer’s Raster® Braille Frequently Asked Questions If you’re new to Accent, or just wish to learn more general information about our Raster® products and care, this video is for you! Below is a full list of the questions we answer in the video. […]

LED Lockers

Accent has been working with LED Lighting for Signage and Displays since 2010. Watch this one minute video to find out how we can light up your next project.

R F Moeller Jeweler

From ADA interior signage to LED lighting, Accent’s Capabilities are endless. Accent will meet your requirements with exceptional customer service and high quality products. Check out this video and see what Accent can do for your next project!

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Wall Graphic Panels

Accent’s Pannelli™ Architectural Custom Panel Systems utilizes high resolution digital color imaging and proprietary textural enhancement technologies in the fabrication of interior wall panels.  These custom panels are as distinctive and as individual in appearance as your imagination will allow.  Multiple substrates may be used for these panels including materials that are transparent, translucent, or opaque.  Panels can range in size from single panels as small as 4” x 4” to a maximum of 48” x 96” and, in some cases a format size of 60” x 120” is possible as well.

Non-VOC digital UV color imaging is used to produce custom images either first or sub-surface that are consistent and repeatable based upon our proprietary color appearance technology (DrColour®).  When coupled with our digital LASER precision and CNC routing, we produce customized, unique tactile textures that look and feel realistic but are of more affordable prices than some other exotic materials available on the market.  Such visual effects can be further enhanced using LED arrays and stainless steel mountings to produce truly stunning effects.

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