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LED Edgelit Display Panels

LED Edgelit Display Panels

Accent’s Luce LED Edgelit Display Panels are a line of customized LED edge-lighted visual display panels. These panels are designed to meet any requirements of functional design, but also have a chic, timeless appearance. The LED panels feature an ultra slim anodized frame construction and (patent pending) TIR etching technology that enhances luminance and delivers consistent and repeatable uniformity that is second to none! Our LED panels are custom engineered to perform in any interior environment.

At Accent we understand that color management, appearance, and size of displayed graphics is a crucial part of product branding. That’s why we customize to your own specific requirements. Our frames can be custom color-matched and sized to ensure to make your brand’s vision a reality.

Our LED panels are manufactured here in the U.S, so lead-times are significantly shorter than products from overseas. 

Read more about our LED product specifications here: LED Edgelit Display Panels.

LED Edgelit Display Panels

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