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In this video, we demonstrate setting up Accent Signage’s Automatic Raster® Braille Pen and Cutters on a Vision Engraving Machine.

Auto Raster® Universal on Gravograph Engraver: Installation and Cutters

How to install the Auto Raster® Universal and Cutters on the Gravograph engraving machines

Accent Signage on Greater-Minneapolis Business Show

Accent Signage General Manager, Rod Grandner, was interviewed by the Greater-Minneapolis Business Show on product and company growth.

Auto-Raster® Universal Video

View the Auto-Raster® Universal in action!

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Luče™ Ultra Slim Edgelit Display Panels

Luče™ EDP is a product line of customized LED edge-lighted visual display panels designed to meet the most exacting requirements of functional design coupled with a “chic”and timeless appearance. Luče™ edgelight display panels feature an ultra slim anodized frame construction and (patent pending) TIR etching technology that enhances luminance and delivers consistent and repeatable uniformity that is second to none!

Luče™ edgelight display panels are custom engineered to perform in any interior environment where the color management and the color appearance of the displayed graphic is part of the overall product branding and our frames can be custom colored matched as well, in short we take color appearance and color management very seriously, as we know our customers value their appearance!

Luče™ edgelight display panels are customized to your own specific requirements, we do not force you into selecting from a few standard sizes and this sets our products apart from our competition. If your designer wants a panel that is 29.375” by  29.375” (746.125mm by 746.125mm) you can have this, no problem!

Luče™ edgelight display panels are manufactured right here in the United States, so lead-times are significant less than products being shipped from overseas; in fact we actually ship/export our panels to four continents including Asia! So we must be doing something right!

LED Panels flyer

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