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In this video, we demonstrate setting up Accent Signage’s Automatic Raster® Braille Pen and Cutters on a Vision Engraving Machine.

Auto Raster® Universal on Gravograph Engraver: Installation and Cutters

How to install the Auto Raster® Universal and Cutters on the Gravograph engraving machines

Accent Signage on Greater-Minneapolis Business Show

Accent Signage General Manager, Rod Grandner, was interviewed by the Greater-Minneapolis Business Show on product and company growth.

Auto-Raster® Universal Video

View the Auto-Raster® Universal in action!

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Materia™ The Ecology Series

Introduced in 2010 the Materia™ Ecology Series is the first and only GREENGUARD certified interior signage system available in the United States.  Materia™ consists of two systems, Verde™ and Forte™.  These eco-friendly signage systems are manufactured with a unique combination of renewable and sustainable resources from cashew extract to plant starches to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and wood composites.

The materials, manufacturing processes and paint finishes used to create the signage in this facility are GREENGUARD certified and pose no problem to air or ground water when recycled/reused, or disposed of in a managed aerated landfill.  The materials used include:

Forest-Based Material (Forte™):  Made from 70% virgin wood fiber, our wood-based material is derived from renewable managed resources such as trees and tree parts (chips, sawdust, branches, etc.).  These trees and tree parts were originally harvested in order o make lumber or paper product.

Paper-Based Material (Verde™):  The paper and wood composite material is made primarily from paper purchased from FSC-Certified sources or recycled paper.  The paper is treated with resin then pressed and baked to create solid sheets, which result in a durable, dense, and versatile material.

For more information:
Verde™ flyer
Forte™ flyer
Materia™ Ecology Series

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