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Interior Signage Manual

Interior Signage Manual

As the interior signage industry has grown and changed, so has our popular Interior Signage Manual. Our latest edition is the perfect tool for helping sign shops create as well as market their ability to produce quality interior signage.

The new manual includes step-by-step instructions and tutorials on every stage of the signage process; beginning with the newly updated ADA Rules and Regulations. It also features sections on Wayfinding Signs, Design and Fabrication, Installation, Bid Specifications, Marketing Strategies, and so much more! We even have a new section on Digital Imaging and how continues to change the face of interior signage.  In addition to these topics, we’ve included more drawings, photos, and color pages. Which better highlight the amazing signage now possible through advances in machines and technology. You can also find information for using a routed method of fabrication, and the Raster® Method of Braille.

This manual is a great guide for anyone who designs, specifies, or fabricates interior signs. From architects, building owners and facility managers, to sign shop owners, fabricators or sales consultants.

Included is a CD-ROM that contains sign layouts of the most commonly used interior signs, and a host of other useful tools. We believe this manual will provide you with the most comprehensive collection of tips, guidelines, and suggestions available for creating signage that is both attractive and meets the latest government guidelines.

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Interior Signage Manual

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