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Raster® Braille System

Our Raster® Braille System

For more information fill out our easy information request form to be contacted by a Raster® Braille specialist!

The Raster® Braille System at Accent Signage is a patented process. To begin using our method to create ADA compliant signage, or purchase any of our Raster® Braille products, you must first become licensed customer through our company. Along with our Raster® license, customers will receive our Raster® Pen License Kit, which includes everything you need to begin creating ADA-compliant braille!

To become licensed, Accent Signage Systems, Inc. needs to receive a completed and signed Raster® License Agreement. Once we have received agreement along with your purchase, you will receive your very own Raster® Pen License Kit and license certificate.

The best part? Once you become certified with Accent Signage, your Raster® Braille License will never expire!

Benefits of Becoming Raster® Braille Licensed Customer:

How to Get Started:

  1. Download the Raster® License Agreement. →  License Agreement
  2. Submit your completed Raster® License Agreement to Accent via email, fax, or phone.
  3. Accent Signage will ship your Raster® Pen License Kit as soon as we verify your Raster® License agreement and payment.
  4. Receive your Raster® Pen License Kit and start creating great-looking ADA-compliant signs!

Read more about our Raster® Braille:


For technical and troubleshooting information please visit the Raster® Braille Customer Support page, or check out the Resources tab for video tutorials and FAQs!

Raster® Braille System

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