Materia™ The Ecology Series

ADA-compliant signage systems with GREENGUARD

Indoor Air Quality® certification.


Materia™ the Ecology Series represents the first and only ADA-compliant signage systems in the world to earn GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality® certification.

A significant consideration in choosing to go in the ecology direction is, of course, the environment and by definition these materials and systems should pose no problem to air or ground water when recycled/reused or are disposed of in managed, aerated landfills. All components and processes used in this series must be inert; having no adverse reaction to our environment.

Products bearing the GREENGUARD certification mark contribute to the creation of a healthier indoor environment and have been independently verified to meet some of the most rigorous chemical emission standards in the world.

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification® requires products to meet some of the world’s toughest chemical emission standards.  GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM Certification requires those products to meet additional criteria to account for the unique health sensitivities of children.





Mix and match materials and create GREENGUARD
certified sign systems.

  Optima™ Maxima™ Grafica™ Aluminum





This product is a bio-polymer agri-based product made from plants. It is certified by the Bio Polymer Industry (BPI) and ASTM D6400 as a compostable material. The material is available in 1/32” and 1/16” thicknesses and naturally comes in a white, matte, non-glare finish. It’s highly customizable using low VOC paints, UV digital imaging and digital textures.


This product is made from 70% virgin wood fiber and is certified by GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools. It is fully recyclable and reusable. Available in 0.025” thicknesses, this product comes in twelve colors and a matte, non-glare finish. This material is graffiti resistant and cleans with water-based cleaning agents.


This product is made up of paper and wood composites. It is certified by GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Optima™ is available in nine, flat colors and comes with a matte, non-glare finish. This product may also be customized using low VOC paints, UV digital imaging and UV digital textures.


This system is amazingly strong and tough making it ideal for institutions such as schools and colleges and any areas where vandalism could be a problem.


This system is an elegant solution for corporate offices and buildings where image is everything. It can be customized during UV digital imaging and texturing and can be painted using low-VOC (<15 g/L) paints.
The Materia™ line of products is available now. Contact us for samples, questions and orders.