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When you purchase the Raster® Braille License Kit, you not only have access to all of Accent’s Raster® Supplies, but also the best troubleshooting information and live customer support from our own Raster® Braille experts!

If you need Raster® Braille assistance, Contact Us, or check out our resources below for easy solutions to our most common questions.

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We have a number of great video resources to assist you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!
Manual Raster® Pen Tutorial

Learn how to use your Manual Raster® Pen with this quick tutorial video!

Adhesive Assist Tutorial

Trying to install metal Raster® Spheres into a metal or solid substrate? This Adhesive Assist Tutorial is for you!

Substrate materials such as metal, aluminum, and other non-expandable materials do not possess a “memory” like a plastic substrate would. However, with Accent Signage’s Adhesive Assist Method, we can ensure your Raster® Spheres always stay firmly in place!

Raster® Braille with Gravograph Engravers

In this tutorial we demonstrates how to properly setup the AutoRaster® Universal with Gravograph Machines. Viewers will also learn how to properly install Raster® Cutters onto Gravograph Engravers.

Raster® Braille with Vision Engravers

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to properly setup the Raster® Braille Pen with Vision Engravers. Viewers will also learn how to properly install Raster® Cutters onto Vision Engravers.

Raster® Braille with ShopSabre Engravers

The one and only RouterBob demonstrates how to use the AutoRaster® Universal with his ShopSabre IS 510 engraver.

Raster® Braille with Colex Engravers

In this video, the folks at Colex Finishing Solutions show us how to use the AutoRaster® Universal with their Sharpcut system.

Raster® Braille using a Trotec Laser.

Laser Dave from Trotec Laser shows how to create dimensional ADA signage and applying Raster® Spheres without needing a rotary engraver or CNC.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Raster® Troubleshooting

In this video we provide Raster® Troubleshooting solutions for our customer’s most common issues with their Raster® products.

Raster® FAQ

If you’re new to Accent Signage, or just wish to learn more general information about our Raster® products and care, this video is for you! We cover all of our customer’s Raster® Braille Frequently Asked Questions.

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